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About Quantum Associates

Quantum Associates was founded in 1999 by Willie Carter. After spending over 25 years working for various industrial firms in operations and quality management roles Willie decided to establish his own process improvement consulting firm to leverage his operations and quality experience to help small to medium-sized industrial and service firms use process improvement methodologies  do more with less.

Our approach draws on the disciplines of Lean Management, Six Sigma Quality, and Constraint Management to help client organizations minimize their costs and accelerate their cycle time enabling them to do more with less.

Although we have worked with large companies our primary focus is on assisting medium-size companies (100-999 employees) to accelerate adding value to their products or services enabling them to improve gross margins and efficiency. We do this by building common ground, forming strong relationships with your people, and paying attention to detail in developing process improvements. Our process improvement consultants are dedicated professionals who are truly experienced in continuous process improvement utilizing lean management principles, six sigma and  the theory of constraints in both the manufacturing and service sectors.

How We Work

Preparing your team for process improvement.

Client Team

We conduct an assessment of your critical business processes to determine which combination of the process improvement methodologies will deliver the best results for you. During the assessment we listen to and engage your staff in dialogue, suspend judgment, explore assumptions and build common ground in an effort to gather the data to support our findings as well as establish buy-in . Our assessment will describe in detail the steps you need to take to meet your improvement objective (cycle time reduction, increased capacity,  quality improvement, improved collaboration, etc.)

After our assessment we will help you implement the business process improvement recommendations we proposed if you so choose. These recommendations may be rooted in lean methodology, six sigma, the theory of constraints or ISO 9001. Once the implementation phase is complete we offer sustainability services to help protect your process improvement investment.

Our process management consultants pride themselves in building strong relationships with your people cultivating them to help you meet the challenges of improving your organization. Our goal is to engage your employees to create buy-in. When your people are engaged in the transformation, satisfaction, performance, and profits increase.

We sweat the details in teaching your people how to use lean process improvement tools, six sigma process improvement tools, and process analysis to develop and execute improvements to your processes and to help you become self sufficient in the continuous improvement transformation. We focus on the details when developing improvements to your processes because the little things does matter and can make a difference in process integrity.

Only a few companies achieve sustainable results by permanently transforming themselves. Many companies practice Lean or Six Sigma process improvement, but they never truly internalize it as part of their DNA. Our brand of process improvement has proven successful in  manufacturing and service companies in helping them implement and sustain their refined/redesigned processes long after we are gone.

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  • We promise to deliver swift and significant process improvements to our client’s processes, helping them do more with less.


  • Our vision is to be the partner of choice for manufacturing or service organizations seeking to increase customer value by doing more with less.


  • We guarantee our clients measurable results. We seek to exceed our client expectations with every interaction. We listen, and are highly responsive to our clients’ needs.
  • We also believe in supporting the community with our five percent giveback program. We donate 5% of the project engagement fees to the client’s charity of choice.

Certified Minority Business

We are certified by the Chicago Minority Supplier Development Council as a minority business enterprise. We have maintained this certification for the past 10 years.

Are you looking for a MBE subcontractor that you would be proud to have on your team?

Diverse team of consultants

Our team of consultants add value to every client project.

Look no further.

City, County, State, Federal and large commercial contracts often require that a percentage of your fees go to a MBE subcontractor. Why shouldn’t both your team and your client benefit from the fees that you must give to a MBE subcontractor? Quantum Associates, Inc has certified MBE status and the skills, experience and capabilities to make a meaningful contribution to the success of your project. We offer real value for your MBE fees.

The same exceptional consultants who work on the projects that we sell and lead can serve as creative and constructive members of your team. Our consulting team includes an array of consultants with varied experience and qualifications, many are certified in Lean, Six Sigma and quality systems. Some are full-time employees and others are our subcontractor partners who are available to participate wherever and whenever your project dictates. Our team of consultants have a broad level of experience, are highly capable, solution-oriented, and professional.

We can be counted toward meeting your MBE quotas when we work internally to assist your organization with any of the capabilities included in our service offerings. Put your MBE fees to work. Contact Quantum Associates today.
2017 MBE cert

Service Guarantee

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with any of our services, let us know – we will make it right.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Just pick up the phone and give us a call at 847-919-6127. Or simply send us an electronic request by clicking here.

Our Community Giving Pledge – 5% Giveback

We will donate, on your behalf, 5% of the project engagement fees to the charity of your choice.

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