Agile Lean Process Improvement

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Agile Methodology

Agile approach focuses on rapid execution of improvements.

What is Agile Lean?

Agile Lean Process Improvement is a process improvement methodology using lean principles in an agile framework to reap the benefits of eliminating waste and quickly executing the improvements. Eliminating process waste not only increases the velocity of your process but reduces costs and improve your response time making your organization more competitive.

Benefits of Combining the Two Disciplines

  • Improves collaboration between the process improvement team and the stakeholders. Agile iterations enable frequent interactions between the process improvement team and the customers and owners of the process.
  • The agile approach helps to focus on rapid execution of the improvements
  • The improvement team gain a better understanding of the agile approach to lean process improvement which can be used to support other teams in your organization.
  • The improved collaboration, focus on deployment and adding value leads to a bigger impact in your organization and increased organizational performance and business results.
Lean Thinking Process

Think Lean to Improve Your Organization

Our agile Lean approach to process improvement focuses your organization on identifying major improvement opportunities (MIOs) in a quick, efficient, value-added way.

Rather than bog down your people training them in all the LeanSigma tools, our approach use five tools from the LeanSigma toolbox to identify MIOs that improve service or manufacturing performance.

“Willie is a true Lean expert with a keen sense of identifying waste in processes and getting to the root cause of issues constraining operations.” – Patrick Lucanksy, President, Value Innovation Partners, LLC

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