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Enriching and Providing ValueQuantum Associates, Inc was founded by Willie Carter in 1998 and is a certified Minority Business. Our process improvement approach draws on the disciplines of lean manufacturing,  lean six sigma,  and constraint management to help our clients minimize or eliminate costly non-value-added work to improve their bottom line and execute faster, flawlessly, and affordably.

Businesses today are under constant pressure to do more with less. Consumers demand more personalization faster, flawlessly, and affordably. Shareholders are demanding stronger revenue growth, but sooner and with less capital. Leading companies are confronting these challenges by launching aggressive new programs to improve their administrative/support processes, improve manufacturing efficiency, and speed up time to market. We have both consulting and management experience in manufacturing and service organizations helping them do more with less to create and sustain value.

We can help you improve operational performance with our AIM + E process improvement program.

  1. Assessment of your Current State
  2. Interview your management team and staff
  3. Make recommendations and  develop a roadmap on our findings and the best path forward
  4. Execute process improvement recommendations


  • You will understand why your process or business is underperforming
  • You will gain clarity on what will work to improve process or business performance
  • You will achieve operational efficiency and cost savings from simplifying, streamlining and optimizing your process(s)
  • You will consistently improve your bottom line
We offer three AIM + E options to fit your budget:

12 Week AIM + E – Option 3: 

  • Everything in options 1 and 2 plus
  • Work with your staff/team to gain buy-in and execute the roadmap we developed to improve operational efficiency and your bottom line

3 Week AIM + E – Option 2: 

  • Everything in option 1 plus
  • We will conduct interviews with your management team and staff to identify the biggest areas for improvement
  • Make recommendations based on our findings and develop a roadmap for the best path forward

One  Week AIM + E –  Option 1: 

  • Assessment of current state
  • Report-out of findings

Although we have worked with large companies our passion is  working with small to middle market companies in the service and manufacturing sectors, faced with the challenge of doing more with less. These firms  need to continually improve their processes to achieve operational efficiency.

Our AIM +E program can provide you with the opportunity to meet and then surpass the challenge of your competitors. A philosophy of continuous process improvement enables the small to mid market company to cultivate a process-oriented way of thinking and developing strategies that assure continuous improvement involving people at all levels of the organization.

The process improvement services we offer can help these small to  middle market companies embed the drive for continuous improvement into their DNA. Process improvement is the engine that drive results  – lower operating costs, increased employee satisfaction, and improved competitiveness. By improving your processes  your organization will achieve breakthrough levels of performance.

While we always tailor our solutions to meet each client’s needs, our work typically involves assessment of the current state, implementation of the future state, and sustainment of the change.

 Assessment—Identify the need

All organizations are perfectly aligned to get the results they get.” Arthur W. Jones

The correct approach to implementing change initiatives in your organization begins with an assessment of the business needs, opportunities and challenges. Once these opportunities are identified, we then recommend the tools that will resolve the issues. These tools might be Lean Process Improvement or Six Sigma tools, Theory of Constraints, or ISO 9000. It is simply not prudent to limit the success of a change initiative to exclude any tool if it will solve the problem at hand.

Our assessment experience include  companies in the following industries:

  • Cannabis edibles
  • Contract packaging
  • Flexible packaging
  • Pharmaceutical packaging
  • Food processing
  • Metalworking
  • Barge building
  • Safety science

Implementation—Do it

PI Coaching

Working with you to design a solution


Designing effective solutions is only the first step of leading critical initiatives.  Even the greatest

business strategies have no value if they cannot be implemented with a commitment to a shared vision and purpose.  Achieving sustainable benefits from strategic initiatives requires the ability to inspire people to adopt new attitudes, processes and technologies and to see themselves in the change.  That’s why our team is committed to the work of leading change.

As objective change leaders, our consultants are able to break through the organizational, economic, and technological barriers that prevent organizations from making progress and realize the benefits of the change. Many companies frequently engage us because of our expertise in managing change initiatives that transform their organizations.  Our commitment to implementing changes swiftly and effectively makes us the perfect partner in your success.

Some of our Lean process improvement implementation assignments include switch gear manufacturing, food processing, high speed pharmaceutical packaging, active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturing and many others.

Sustainment—Maintain the gains

One of the biggest issue with change initiatives is “backsliding to old ways of working” after initial progress. The root cause of backsliding in most organizations today is confusion about priorities at different levels of the organization compounded by the failure to make anyone responsible for the performance of important processes as they flow horizontally across the organization.

To prevent regression, our consultants will work with your management team/process owners to periodically clarify priorities for each process and identify the performance gap between what the customer needs and what the process is providing.

Only a few companies achieve sustainable results by permanently transforming themselves. Many companies practice lean manufacturing, lean six sigma and kaizen, but they never truly internalize it as part of their DNA. Our brand of process improvement has proven successful in  manufacturing and service companies in helping them implement and sustain their refined/redesigned processes long after we are gone.

Our blueprint for your success-AIM + E

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Certified Minority Business

We are certified by the Chicago Minority Supplier Development Council as a minority business enterprise. We have maintained this certification for the past 15 years.

Are you looking for a MBE subcontractor that you would be proud to have on your team? Look no further.

City, County, State, Federal and large commercial contracts often require that a percentage of your fees go to a MBE subcontractor. Why shouldn’t both your team and your client benefit from the fees that you must give to a MBE subcontractor? Quantum Associates, Inc has certified MBE status and the skills, experience and capabilities to make a meaningful contribution to the success of your project. We offer real value for your MBE fees.

The same exceptional consultants who work on the projects that we sell and lead can serve as creative and constructive members of your team. Our consulting team includes an array of consultants with varied experience and qualifications, many are certified in Lean, Six Sigma and quality systems. Some are full-time employees and others are our subcontractor partners who are available to participate wherever and whenever your project dictates. Our team of consultants have a broad level of experience, are highly capable, solution-oriented, and professional.

We can be counted toward meeting your MBE quotas when we work internally to assist your organization with any of the capabilities included in our service offerings. Put your MBE fees to work. Contact Quantum Associates today.

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with any of our services, let us know – we will make it right.

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