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Launch Agile Lean Process Improvement In Your Business Now

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April 18, 2023
Transform Your Business Today with Lean Process Improvement
June 27, 2023
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Launch Agile Lean Process Improvement In Your Business Now

Quantum Associates, Inc has combined some of the principles of Agile and Lean to help deliver business process improvements quickly. Our approach uses teamwork and some of the lean tools to identify and eliminate non-value-added process steps within the agile framework of chunking the prioritized improvements in short time periods (2 to 4 weeks). Your team’s focus is on developing solutions to process problems and deploying them quickly. Team collaboration, the focus on removing non-value-added steps/ quick deployment and the agile framework leads to a big impact in your organization, and therefore to increased organizational performance and business results.

Learn how two powerful concepts, Lean and Agile, can improve your company’s performance and business results. Call us today for a free consultation.

 Deliver business process improvements quickly

Improve any of your business processes using lean tools within the agile framework of identifying and implementing solutions in short time periods (2 to 4 weeks).

Focus your improvement team on eliminating non-value-added work

Your process improvement team identifies the non-value-added work (waste) in your processes and with a laser-like focus on removing that waste. Examples may be categorized as follows:

  • What kind of exceptional costs are you incurring? Are they consequences of not-right the first time, rework or late deliveries? Agile Lean process improvement can help you identify and prioritize these opportunities and quickly resolve them.
  • What costs, in your current operations are caused by your business processes? Do you have many delays because of equipment issues, uncontrolled business processes, supply chain problems, and so forth? Our Agile Lean process improvement approach provides the tools and facilitation to uncover your process problems and deliver an action plan to reduce the costs associated with the process problems quickly.
  • Rule of thumb is that two thirds of the costs are set at the design stage (unnecessary costly parts, a large variety of parts, etc.) So, this is an area of greater cost reduction potential. Our Agile Lean process improvement approach can help identify and reduce these costs immediately.

Execute prioritized improvements immediately

The prioritized improvements are scheduled for solution and implemented during the short time period designated by the improvement team.

Review our Agile Lean Process Improvement thought leadership presentation to learn more about the approach.

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