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Business Agility Profile

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April 20, 2020
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May 5, 2020
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Business Agility Profile


Agility has emerged as the successor to mass production. Agility is a comprehensive response to the business challenges of profiting from rapidly changing and continually fragmenting global markets for high-quality, high-performance, customer-configured goods and services. It is a continual readiness to change, sometimes radically, what companies and people must do and how they will do it. The transition to business agility is justified by the vision of sharing in highly profitable markets for information and service-rich products configured to the requirements of individual customers.

Complete the business agility profile to discover your business agility quotient and help determine the areas in in need of improvement in your organization.

Points are attributed to each rating as follows:

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Business Agility Rating Scorecard

To get your maturity score sum up your rating points for each profile question and compare your score to the scorecard and determine your Business Agility maturity level.

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