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Why Focus on Process Improvement Today

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December 2, 2021
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March 10, 2023
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Why Focus on Process Improvement Today

Focus on process improvement

Focusing on the process

Becoming a process-focused organization requires a focus on process improvement  and for most industrial and service organizations that is a difficult task. Failure to improve the performance of your processes leads to a failure to improve the organization and results in improperly managing the business. All major business initiatives, quality, lean, six sigma, innovation, etc., must focus on process improvement.  Especially those processes that have the greatest impact on the critical success factors of the organization. These critical success factors are the essentials, and the key processes that impact them should be the primary focus of management.

Focused process improvement is a fundamental requirement to sustain initiatives like quality or lean and to generate positive results. Organizations succeed or fail based on what happens within specific key business processes. Many organizations don’t sustain their quality or lean efforts because they are not focused on improving critical business processes. Instead employee improvement teams are left adrift and end up working on trivial, inconsequential projects that matters least to improving the business. New technology should always be a consideration when you focus on process improvement.

Read our thought leadership presentation to learn more about Focused Process Improvement.:

Also here is a guide to business process management which may be helpful going forward.

Business process improvement and the new technology

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