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Build Internal Customer Satisfaction in Your Company

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February 28, 2023
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March 25, 2023
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Build Internal Customer Satisfaction in Your Company

Internal customer-supplier

Many times organizations overlook the importance of collaboration and communication between their administrative departments. Work is completed by one department and “thrown over the wall” to the other department with total disregard for the needs or requirements of the department to whom the work is handed off.

With this type of mindset poor quality documents, information, and data leads to rework and wasted time which ultimately impacts the delivery of services or products to the external customer—“the one who pays the bills.”

Administrative departments need to create a new mindset in which they view downstream departments as their customers because they truly are their internal customers. This approach is remarkably evident if you think of the work you do as a process. In process thinking you receive an input from a supplier which you transform into a product or service for your downstream customer. Your goal as the processor department is to make sure your downstream customer is satisfied every single time.

Read our thought leadership presentation to learn more about internal customer satisfaction.

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