How to Increase Employee Engagement

Is Agility More Important than Lean?
June 8, 2020

How to Increase Employee Engagement

Gallup found that in 2019, 52% of workers are in the “not engaged” category

Lean can eliminate this paperwork backlog

Disengaged employee

— those who are psychologically unattached to their work and company and who put time, but not energy or passion, into their work. Not engaged employees will usually show up to work and contribute the minimum required. They’re also on the lookout for better employment opportunities and will quickly leave their company for a slightly better offer.

These disengaged employees cost the American economy between $450 billion to $550 billion each year in lost productivity. If you are an employer that is money coming straight out of your pocket.

The challenge facing companies isn’t how to attract new employees or keeping them happy the first year. Many, if not most employees arrive on the job on day one fully engaged. The real challenge is keeping them engaged after that first year.

One way of meeting the challenge of disengaged employees is building better internal customer- supplier relationships.

The amazing potential of managing internal customer satisfaction…

Managing internal customer satisfaction provides many benefits, three of which are:

  • Better coordination between the major work groups within your organization
  • Clarification of work priorities
  • Increased collaboration, communication and engagement among your employees

Embracing the internal customer satisfaction concept will make your worker’s jobs more rewarding because they will experience less rework, less firefighting, fewer delays and better collaboration among work groups.

We have conducted a one-day workshop which demonstrates the amazing potential of internal customer satisfaction. The Internal Customer Satisfaction workshop helps you reset employee engagement, internal collaboration and communication and is a great tool for all managers looking to increase the productivity and efficiency of their departments. Lack of engagement is a productivity killer and is costing you every minute you delay in reengaging your employees.

So, whether you oversee a 500-person team in a high-tech operation, or run a government agency or a non-profit, or supervise just a handful of people in a job shop, you’ll find that managing internal customer satisfaction will provide new insights into improving employee engagement.

If you are interested in learning more about our internal customer satisfaction workshop. Please contact us.

Willie Carter has nearly four decades of continuous improvement experience, which have enabled him be a good listener, teacher, coach and leader as he helps organizations do more with less and become more agile. In addition to his consulting practice, he is on the adjunct faculty at Roosevelt University, Chicago, IL.


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