“All improvement happens project by project and in no other way.”

Joseph Juran

Blueprint for success

Our blueprint for success…helping you do more with less so you can execute faster, affordably, and flawlessly.

Quantum Associates  works with small and medium size middle-market organizations who face the challenge of doing more with less. In other words, organizations looking to improve performance while using fewer resources. Our process improvement toolbox include: lean management, lean manufacturing, lean six sigma, agile lean Process improvement, ISO 9001, process analytics, and training events as  cost effective process improvement solutions for small and medium sized mid-market companies looking to improve their productivity, efficiency and bottom line.

The PCI Accounting team worked with Willie on several process improvement tools, including SIPOC, Daily Plan and RACI charts.  These tools were instrumental in providing data that showed gaps in our process, as well as, several process improvements we were able to implement and sustain.  It allowed us to reduce the number of current reports being generated by the department, while maintaining compliance to key business controls.  Willie was very easy to work with.  His passion for process improvement, as well as, his knowledge of the tools made it a valuable experience for the entire team.” Candy VanWambeke, Executive Director, Finance PCI Rockford

What is  Process Improvement?

Problem resolution

Problem resolution

Increase speed| Adapt to customer needs |Reduce cost |Empower employees

Consider these current realities:

  • The medical profession and other industries that need to comply with ever-changing government regulations
  • State and municipal government caught between skyrocketing costs for medical care and pensions and the taxpayer’s reluctance to pay for it.
  • The university president, pressured by students, parents, alumni or the state legislature to reduce tuition and provide ever superior higher education in the face of increasing costs
  • Hospital administrators struggling to keep their precious community health resources from closing due to government mandated reductions in medicare/medicaid payments
  • A valued physician or lawyer or auto shop owner, who just decides to retire in the face of the struggle to survive
  • Congress unable to chart a course of public policy between promises for a better life and the reality of trillion dollar debt
  • Loss of our traditional manufacturing base to low cost competitors
  • Big companies whose management must make job killing decisions to halt or outsource production in the face of low wage foreign competition
  • The local school board trapped between loss of revenue and higher costs for everything and every person needed to educate the students
  • The local restaurant, where the chef/owner must streamline operations to survive against a similar neighborhood competitor

All the above challenges and issues at the onset seem to be overwhelming, only if we knew how to make them better. There is a way to address these burdensome challenges. It is simple, improve our processes. Process improvement is an organized method to focus, measure and redesign critical organizational processes to accomplish game changing improvement. It matters not which tool set you use (Lean, Six Sigma, ISO 9000, Theory of Constraints, etc.) as long as your overriding goal is to improve the process.

Any company can improve its efficiency, which typically means getting smarter about business processes. But in the middle market, process improvement is particularly difficult. Operations are larger and more complicated than a start-up’s, but a mid-sized business also doesn’t have the resources of a large company to devote people to reviewing and improving the structure and execution of processes. That is where we come in. We can help step in and fill the resource need for assessing and improving your critical business processes.

There is ample evidence that business process improvement is the breakthrough strategy for improved quality, productivity and competitiveness. Middle market companies embracing this approach can achieve some startling improvements in performance; improved response time, decreased costs, bigger market share, improved employee morale, enhanced customer experience, and increased profits.

Quantum Associates’ approach to process improvement reduces risks and shapes the outcomes of change by identifying and supporting the people, processes, and customer requirements that drive your transition from current state to future state. By engaging your staff morale improves thus impacting retention of talented staff. Our ability to deliver what is needed for success across all areas of the operation ensures that moving from the current state to the future state is smooth, successful, and achieves lasting benefits.

“Willie Carter and the Quantum team worked with our management team for two years on a series of projects including DISC assessments, mentoring our managers, goal setting, workplace organization, facilitating team meetings, and capacity improvements and we are delighted with the results. They addressed a number challenges and our management team is functioning better than before. Willie has a boatload of experience, is an effective teacher, and I highly recommend him and his services.”  Frank Heurich, President, Gregor Jonsson Inc

Learn more about how we ensure successful process improvement and business agility

Business Agility

Rapid and accelerating developments in technology, customer preferences, and employee expectations are transforming all aspects of our lives. To survive and thrive, companies must, in turn, transform how they operate. Becoming an agile organization allows a company to increase speed of execution, better respond and adapt to customer needs, increase productivity, and engage and empower employees. Ultimately, an agile organization can deliver higher returns to shareholders.

Quantum Process Improvement

Quantum Associates’ approach to process improvement has helped businesses in various industries to boost quality, speed cycle times and reduce costs. Our experts work collaboratively with client teams to quickly identify the non-value-added steps, unnecessary approvals, exceptions, and workarounds that impede process efficiency. Then, working together, we quickly design a future state so that teams can eliminate the wastes that prevent them from doing their jobs faster, smarter and easier—always working within the guidelines of doing more with less. 

Agile Lean Process Improvement

Quantum Associates combines two powerful concepts to identify and execute process improvements quickly. Agile Lean Process Improvement is a process improvement methodology using lean principles in an agile framework to reap the benefits of eliminating waste and quickly executing the improvements.

Quantum Associates’ delivers lasting process performance by helping clients analyze their processes to capture the key inputs and outputs and the important data associated with these inputs and outputs can open new opportunities to increasing productivity and profitability.

Lean Six Sigma

Quantum Associates are experts in implementing Lean Six Sigma in manufacturing and service organizations. We help clients remove waste and variation from their processes so then can do more (improved performance) with less (using the same or fewer precious resources).

ISO 9001 Quality System Implementation

Quantum Associates can work with you to add value to your ISO 9001 quality system and help you turn your implementation or conversion into a manageable and successful project.

Training Development and Delivery

Quantum Associates tailor the training to the needs of your organization to ensure that after we are gone your employees can become the in-house continuous improvement experts.

Leadership Development

Transform your people and your organization to achieve your greatest potential. We have partnered with LMI-Chicago to deliver timely leadership development training.

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