“All improvement happens project by project and in no other way.”

Joseph Juran

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Our blueprint for success…helping you do more with less so you can deliver your product or service faster, affordably, and flawlessly.

Quantum Associates  works with small and medium size middle-market organizations who face the challenge of doing more with less. In other words, organizations looking to improve performance while using fewer resources. Our process improvement toolbox include: lean management, lean manufacturing, lean six sigma, agile lean Process improvement, ISO 9001, process analytics, and training events as  cost effective process improvement solutions for small and medium sized mid-market companies looking to improve their productivity, efficiency and bottom line.

The PCI Accounting team worked with Willie on several process improvement tools, including SIPOC, Daily Plan and RACI charts.  These tools were instrumental in providing data that showed gaps in our process, as well as, several process improvements we were able to implement and sustain.  It allowed us to reduce the number of current reports being generated by the department, while maintaining compliance to key business controls.  Willie was very easy to work with.  His passion for process improvement, as well as, his knowledge of the tools made it a valuable experience for the entire team.” Candy VanWambeke, Executive Director, Finance PCI Rockford

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Organizations should embrace process improvement for several reasons:

  • Increased Efficiency and Productivity – By streamlining processes and eliminating waste, an organization can do more with less and improve its overall efficiency and productivity.
  • Enhanced Quality – Process improvements can help an organization to produce higher quality products or services, resulting in greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Reduced Costs – Process improvements can help to identify and eliminate unnecessary steps, reduce errors, and minimize rework, leading to lower costs and higher profitability.
  • Increased Agility and Flexibility – By improving processes, an organization can become more agile and better able to respond to changes in the marketplace or customer needs.
  • Improved Employee Engagement – Employees are often more engaged and motivated when they have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities within a well-defined process. Process improvements can help to clarify these roles and responsibilities, leading to greater employee satisfaction and retention.
  • Enhanced Innovation – Process improvements can free up resources and create opportunities for innovation, leading to new products, services, or processes that can help the organization stay competitive.

Overall, improving your organization’s processes can lead to significant benefits in terms of efficiency, quality, costs, agility, employee engagement, and innovation, all of which can contribute to your organization’s long-term success.

What About Small and Middle Market Organizations?

Absolutely! Process improvement can benefit small and mid-market organizations just as much as larger organizations. In fact, it may be even more critical for smaller organizations to adopt process improvement principles, as they often have fewer resources to work with and may be more vulnerable to inefficiencies and waste.

In the small to middle market organization, process improvement is particularly difficult. Operations are larger and more complicated than a start-up’s, but a small and mid-sized business also do not have the resources of a large company to devote people to reviewing and improving the structure and execution of processes. That is where we come in. We can help step in and fill the resource need for assessing and improving your critical business processes.

Quantum Associates’ approach to process improvement reduces risks and shapes the outcomes of change by identifying and supporting the people, processes, and customer requirements that drive your transition from current state to future state. By engaging your staff, morale improves thus impacting retention of talented staff. Our ability to deliver what is needed for success across all areas of the operation ensures that moving from the current state to the future state is smooth, successful, and achieves lasting benefits.

“Willie Carter and the Quantum team worked with our management team for two years on a series of projects including DISC assessments, mentoring our managers, goal setting, workplace organization, facilitating team meetings, and capacity improvements and we are delighted with the results. They addressed a number challenges and our management team is functioning better than before. Willie has a boatload of experience, is an effective teacher, and I highly recommend him and his services.”  Frank Heurich, President, Gregor Jonsson Inc

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Quantum Process Improvement

Quantum Associates’ approach to process improvement has helped businesses in various industries to boost quality, speed cycle times and reduce costs. Our experts work collaboratively with client teams to quickly identify the non-value-added steps, unnecessary approvals, exceptions, and workarounds that impede process efficiency. Then, working together, we quickly design a future state so that teams can eliminate the wastes that prevent them from doing their jobs faster, smarter and easier—always working within the guidelines of doing more with less. 

Lean Office/Lean Service

Quantum Associates combines two powerful concepts, lean and agile to identify and execute lean office/service process improvements quickly.  Lean Office/Lean Service emphasizes why it is important for administrative processes and service organizations—with long, complex, variable processes with multiple decision points—to use the tools that lean gives us to make processes that take place inside people’s heads visible. 

Quantum Associates’ delivers lasting process performance by helping clients analyze their processes to capture the key inputs and outputs and the important data associated with these inputs and outputs can open new opportunities to increasing productivity and profitability.

ISO 9001 Quality System Implementation

Quantum Associates can work with you to add value to your ISO 9001 quality system and help you turn your implementation or conversion into a manageable and successful project.

Training Development and Delivery

Quantum Associates tailor the training to the needs of your organization to ensure that after we are gone your employees can become the in-house continuous improvement experts.

Leadership Development

Transform your people and your organization to achieve your greatest potential. We have partnered with LMI-Chicago to deliver timely leadership development training.

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