Agile Lean Process Improvement

Back office manufacturing processes and service companies’ administrative  processes can become fast, affordable and flawless quickly with our agile lean process improvement approach.

Business readiness, speed, and transparency fit hand in glove with agile lean process improvement. Unlike traditional Lean Sigma methods we adopt an agile  approach to improving business processes. In one day we can help you simplify, and streamline your business processes.

Many organizations struggle with identifying issues to address through improvement projects. The Agile Lean approach to process improvement provides unique solutions to this problem. It focuses on helping organizations identify opportunities for improvement in an efficient and value-added way.

Can’t wait 6 -12 months to see a return on your improvement investment? How about one day? We think we have the answer to your dilemma—Our 2 to 4 Process Perfection system

The Agile Lean approach uses an innovative adaptation of traditional problem- solving tools and methods to significantly increases the depth of analysis within the process being examined. Then logical and well-known methods are employed to prioritize, categorize and schedule the improvement opportunities for quick resolution.

Supervisors, managers and high-level executives in a wide range of industries will find the concepts and methods of Agile Lean Process Improvement invaluable for driving performance improvement quickly. The practicality of the approach will help strengthen the problem-solving skills of the organization and transform it from a firefighting and reactionary mind-set to a proactive identifier of process improvement and effective problem solvers.

Agile organizations are more likely to attain their goals and be highly satisfied with the journey towards these achievements. Business agility empowers your organization to be more proactive and heightens collaboration and cooperation at all levels of the organization.

Benefits of Combining the Two Disciplines

The Agile Lean approach  to improvement will help you become a leaner, faster, better organization capable of doing more with less.

Our agile Lean approach to process improvement focuses your organization on identifying major improvement opportunities (MIOs) in a quick, efficient, value-added way.

Rather than bog down your people training them in all the LeanSigma tools, our approach use five tools from the LeanSigma toolbox to identify MIOs that improve service or manufacturing performance.

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