What is Fast Track Process Improvement?

Fast track process improvement is a streamlined approach to identifying and resolving issues in a process, with a focus on achieving quick results. It involves identifying the most critical problems in a process and quickly implementing solutions to address them. The fast-track approach emphasizes speed, efficiency, and agility in identifying and implementing process improvements. This approach is often used when there is an urgent need to improve a process, such as when a process is causing significant delays or financial losses. The goal is to achieve quick wins and build momentum for ongoing process improvement efforts. Fast track process improvement typically involves a cross-functional team that works together to identify and resolve process issues, and it may involve the use of tools such as process mapping, root cause analysis, and kaizen.

Why Fast Track Process


  • Too much to do
  • Too little time/resources
  • Better and faster results/service to customers
  • Time for other important work
  • Relieve pain

Fast Track Process Improvement

Changing the way we think about process improvement.

85% of the problems in an organization are process or system related. If you want to reduce costs, improve efficiency and quality in your organization then you should focus on your processes.  A key determinant for improving your process is to look at cycle times.

Cycle time is the total elapsed time from the initial request to the product or service received by the customer.

Benefits of Fast Track Improvement

  • Quick realization of improvements
  • Empowering of people to make effective improvements
  • Improved organizational performance

 Key Principles of Fast Track Process Improvement

  • Ideas are actionable and prioritized
  • A majority of the project work (data collection, mapping, etc.) is done outside formal meeting time
  • Meetings are spent on generating/prioritizing solutions and developing action plans
  • Multiple tasks of the Fast Track Improvement are done simultaneously

Imagine what processes give you pain and how might fast track improvement work for you.

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