Process Analytics Services

Process Review and Analysis

Applying business analytics to process-related data

How do you measure process improvement success?

Our process evaluation services can help you measure process improvement success using the following metrics:

  • Quality – Is the quality of the product or service acceptable to the customer?
  • Time – Has the time it takes to complete the steps of the process been reduced?
  • Costs – Have you seen improvements in the costs associated with producing the product or service?
  • Output – Is the output more value-added than before the improvements? Have you minimized or eliminated non-value-added work?
  • Complexity – Have you eliminated or reduced the number of hand-offs, workarounds and inspection points?

Business processes are the engines that drive results

85% of the problems in an organization are process or system related. If you want to reduce costs, improve efficiency and quality in your organization then you should focus on your processes. To improve your processes, you must analyze them to determine the key process variables.

Quantum Associates’ approach to process analytics has helped businesses in different industries improve quality, speed and customer satisfaction. Our experts work collaboratively with client teams to identify the critical to quality process output variables (the attributes seen by your customers) and the associated process inputs (the components of the process you can control). We then work with your team to focus on improving these key inputs to deliver a higher quality product or service to the customer.

Manufacturing Perspective 

If you are like most manufacturers you have already made the obvious changes to streamline your operations, using traditional methods to scrape out as much productivity out of your supply chains and plants as possible. To do even more with less, you must look for new ways to boost the productivity and profitability of your operations.

There is one significant asset that you may not have not optimized: your own data. Most manufacturing operations generate enormous amounts of data, but many have failed to use this mountain of potential intelligence. In today’s world of cheap computational power manufacturers can put that data to work to uncover new ways to optimize their processes, control their costs and grow their business.

 Service Perspective

Service providers like healthcare, banking, government, retail and even the service infrastructure in manufacturing organizations (marketing, sales, accounting, HR, engineering, R&D, and so on) can also make use of process analytics to do more with less. Many service providers and departments have been historically deficient in using data—in fact needed data may not exist. This should not be an obstacle to success.

Learning how to analyze processes to capture the key inputs and outputs and the important data associated with these inputs and outputs can open new opportunities to increasing productivity and profitability.

Process Evaluation Services

There are various methods for evaluating processes but the two we find most acceptable by our clients are:

Business Process Agility Review

In today’s business environment it is no longer good enough to be “better, faster, and cheaper.” The new standard your business will be judged by is how close you can get to perfect, free and now. To do this you need support processes that execute faster, affordably, and flawlessly.

We can assess the current state of your back office/support processes with our Business Process Agility Review. The review is an affordable, no obligation tool which provides our knowledge, experience and passion for improving business processes to help you increase the agility (executing quickly and easily) of your organization. Some of the benefits of the review are:

  • Align key processes with business strategy
  • Identify process inefficiencies
  • Focus on critical initiatives
  • Generate actionable plans
  • Identify solutions to execute, faster, affordably and flawlessly

Process Prioritization Analysis

Identifying the core processes of your organization and rating them against the your company’s critical success factors to determine the processes most in need of improvement to meet company strategic objectives.

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