Training development and delivery

Training should be developed to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time

Employee training programs should be results based and addressing your business objectives and solving business problems while engaging employees. We believe that If training has achieved results in terms of learning and job performance then it ought to follow that the overall performance of the organization should improve.

We work with your employee teams to show them how to use the appropriate process improvement tools (LeanSigma, Theory of Constraints, ISO 9001, etc.) and encourage your teams to communicate with one another about needs, barriers, and results within working projects. All our training events are highly interactive and conducted on the client’s site.

Employees who receive training within their organization feel as if they are more a part of the overall team. If the company management is willing to put the time and resources into training employees, then the employees will feel more appreciated and valued. These employees will be engaged in their work and more focused and integrated with helping the company succeed.

Some of Our Results-Oriented Training Solutions Include:

Internal Customer Satisfaction Workshop

The amazing potential of managing internal customer satisfaction…

Managing internal customer satisfaction provides many benefits, three of which are:

  • Better coordination between the major work groups within your organization
  • Clarification of work priorities
  • Increased employee engagement

What is internal customer satisfaction?

Internal customers versus external customers

According to a recent Gallup poll 70% of American workers are not engaged in their jobs. It is estimated that these disengaged employees cost the U.S. economy between $450 billion to $550 billion each year in lost productivity. If you are an employer, that’s money coming straight out of your pocket.

Our one-day on-site Internal Customer Satisfaction workshop will help increase your employees’ enthusiasm for their jobs by demonstrating how important their roles are as internal customers/suppliers. Embracing the internal customer satisfaction concept will make their jobs more rewarding because they will experience less rework, less firefighting, fewer delays and better collaboration among work groups.

Lean Office Simulation

The Lean Office Simulation (LOS) is a training workshop that introduces office/administrative staff to lean principles/tools from a service perspective. This 1/2-day workshop is conducted on your site and requires a minimum of seven people from your staff to improve the quotation process for a fictitious company experiencing growing pains and heighten competition. Their customers are demanding shorter lead times in filling their orders. The company’s traditional methods of handling quotes are not working, and management decides to adopt some lean principles to speed up their quotation process. Your staff will experience the benefits of employing lean to reduce the cycle time of a transactional process. Contact us for more information on this workshop.

“It was an experience to observe what the Lean Office Simulation gave our team of participants.  It took vague concepts of “something called lean used at our plant and distribution facilities” and made it real.  It let them experience the potential results lean can deliver to their own internal and external customers and to their real-world employer.  And, as another bonus – they saw how lean can make their own job responsibility less frustrating and more enjoyable!  Lean made everyone a winner.” CFO of Great Lakes Synergy (Now Synergy 55)


What is Kaizen? The Japanese word Kaizen means change (KAI) to become good (ZEN). Kaizen means improvement. Improvements without spending much money, involving everyone from managers to employees, and using a lot of common sense.  Kaizen is continuous improvement and the focus is on eliminating waste. Kaizen events can address low hanging fruit (“just do its”), short-term (3 months or less) or long-term (6 months). One form of kaizen event that yields quick results is the rapid improvement event or Kaizen Blitz.

Rapid Improvement Event (Kaizen Blitz)

This approach engages a cross-functional team of committed individuals in the implementation of real improvements that will affect significant change quickly. Emphasis is placed on strategic tactical employment of lean tools that increase efficiency and reduce waste almost immediately. Typically, this approach will require the full-time efforts of 6 – 10 people for five days to achieve full implementation in a single area or process. It is one of the costlier programs regarding committed staff resources, but typically results in some of the biggest improvements and greatest team buy-in. If you can commit 6 – 10 people to this process for a week it is among the most powerful approaches to implementing Lean.

Please contact us about some of our other workshops that may fit your needs. If they do not meet your needs please contact us so we can tailor the training for your specific situation.

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