The Voice of Our Customers

John Moss

Former Vice President Quality & Regulatory, Caremark Rx –Northbrook, IL

The Caremark Quality Team needed to refocus on some fundamentals of problem solving. Knowing the professionalism and quality of his work effort, I called upon Willie to conduct a two day training session. All of our participants learned practical tools and approaches that are now helping them serve their internal customers at a higher level of process improvement.

Steve Whitson

Manufacturing Operations Manager, Akzo Nobel Coatings, Waukegan, IL

I worked closely with Willie to improve our processes, performance testing procedures, and overall quality. Willie's experience, knowledge, work ethic, creativity, and professionalism allowed him to gain the support and confidence from all of us in the positions that directly worked with him in developing and implementing our quality improvement action plans. There is no doubt we wouldn't have been successful in the development and implementation without Willie's unparalleled leadership.

David Griffin

General Manager for a Mid-sized Electronics Manufacturer, Milwaukee, WI

I hired Quantum Associates to introduce my organization to Lean Manufacturing. They did an outstanding job of training my supervisors, team leaders and operators. They were very well prepared and were able to get buy in from the employees.

Tony Mallon

Retired Quality Manager - Nimlok - Niles, IL

After my first phone call to Willie Carter I knew I was in good hands. Willie was very easy to work with and his response time was excellent, his experience and knowledge is second to none. When I first contacted Willie I wanted to improve our quality management system as well as streamline our quality manual. Both of these objectives were achieved, shortly after we finished this project we had an ISO 9000-2000 continuous assessment with no findings and plenty of compliments.

Delivery Services Manager

Abbott - Abbott Park, IL

Quantum Associates service was excellent. I appreciated the attention to detail and the personal attention provided to the staff. The reporting, diagramming, and overall process was absolutely perfect. One of the benefits we experienced was connecting with our customer base via a "Voice of the customer surveys." This aspect of the mapping forced us to talk directly with our customers and helped us understand their likes / dislikes, and wants / and needs in the first person. This information has been invaluable. The voice of the customer survey also allowed us to establish a core group of customers that can be contacted and used to pilot new ideas and strategies.

John Bachmeier

President, Damen Carbide Tool Co - Wood Dale, IL

Quantum Associates helped us document and implement our quality system based on the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard. Their experience, expertise, and their ability to relate to and train our people made the implementation process much easier to bear. They helped us address the 3 minor non-conformances found during the certification audit, closing them out during the audit. Quantum Associates also helped us apply for State funding recovering 50% of our employee training costs. I highly recommend them to any company looking to become ISO 9000 certified.

Operations Manager

Medical Device Manufacturer, Waukegan, IL

Willie introduced our office staff to lean. He is a true Lean expert with a keen sense of identifying waste in processes and getting to the root cause of issues constraining operations.

CEO of Global Product Testing Laboratory

Northbrook, IL

Willie Carter and the rest of the group are a team of professionals who working with your team, can design and implement tailor-made solutions and deliver on their promises. I would recommend them to those organizations looking for assistance in designing, implementing and auditing a Lean, Lean Sigma, or LSFM© program… we are further down the Lean path and closer to achieving our vision than if we had tried to do this by ourselves.

Nancy Nauman

Internal Training Consultant, Chemical Products Manufacturer, Arlington Hts., IL

Led by Lean Sensei, Willie Carter, it was an experience to observe what the Lean Office Simulation gave our team of participants.  It took vague concepts of “something called lean used at our plant and distribution facilities” and made it real.  It let them experience the potential results lean can deliver to their own internal and external customers and to their real world employer.  And, as another bonus – they saw how lean can make their own job responsibility less frustrating and more enjoyable!  Lean made everyone a winner.

The PCI Accounting team worked with Willie on several process improvement tools, including SIPOC, Daily Plan and RACI charts.  These tools were instrumental in providing data that showed gaps in our process, as well as, several process improvements we were able to implement and sustain.  It allowed us to reduce the number of current reports being generated by the department, while maintaining compliance to key business controls.  Willie was very easy to work with.  His passion for process improvement, as well as, his knowledge of the tools made it a valuable experience for the entire team. ~Candy VanWambeke, Executive Director, Finance PCI Rockford

Frank Heurich

Gregor Jonsson, Inc

“Willie Carter and the Quantum team worked with our management team for two years on a series of projects including DISC assessments, mentoring our managers, goal setting, workplace organization, facilitating team meetings, and capacity improvements and we are delighted with the results. They addressed a number challenges and our team is functioning better than before. Willie has a boatload of experience, is an effective teacher, and I highly recommend him and his services.” ~ Frank Heurich, President, Gregor Jonsson Inc, Lake Forest, IL